Manchester United Confirms Cyber Attack, Shuts Down Systems

In a recent cyber incident, Manchester United has been hit by a cyber attack as confirmed by the club. As per the report released by the club on 20th November 2020, there was a breach in the club’s IT defense system which they have brought under control later on.

Manchester United took swift action following the detection of the attack to fend it off. The club is now working with cyber security experts to investigate the incident and to reduce the impact of ongoing IT disruption.

The club said that fortunately they have extensive protocols and procedures in place to prevent such sophisticated cyber attacks and they had already rehearsed for this risk. They also said that after the cyber incident they had shut down the affected systems to restrain the damage and protect data.

The club has also confirmed in their report that the website and app were not affected by the attack and sensitive data of their fans and customers are also intact. Moreover, the required systems for the matches to take place at Old Trafford are also safe and secured.

Why are Cyber Security Incidents So Prevalent these Days?

Technology has never been so cutting-edge and progressive even decades ago. With new innovations in software and various applications, every medium has become dependent on virtual communications and data storage.

Business concerns, these days, are extensively using various gadgets and network systems to propel their business activities. Therefore, it is very important to keep their internal business information safe and secure from external entities and to survive in the market competition.

This phenomenon is not usually just for business concerns; rather the need for internal and confidential data preservation cuts across all types of industries and institutions. And here comes the incessant attempts of cybercriminals to break the cyber security and hack the confidential information which serves various unethical purposes.

Today, cyber security incidents have become prevalent due to many opportunities that are scavenged by the cybercriminals despite there being solid security to prevent them. Below we have cast some lights on such opportunities that are rendering mere security loopholes into a cyber threat.

  • Morbid Disaster: Current Covid-19 pandemic situation has been attributed to the biggest opportunity for cybercriminals to hack sensitive information of various organizations and institutions. Global lock-down and home confinement due to the pandemic have given birth to the necessity of remote working facilities. As a result, many organizations have become vulnerable giving an unprecedented spike in cyber attacks.
  • Incautious Email Practice: Email is one of the most reliable media of communication in the corporate world. However, incautious email practices cause serious data breaches. Email phishing, spams and BEC attacks are the results of the ignorance of users in handling emails.
  • Publicising Personal Details: Thanks to social media, socializing on media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are frequently exposing our personal information to the world. Publicising our personal details is an opportunity for cybercriminals to steal identities. Identity theft helps cybercriminals to run phishing campaigns and hack sensitive data.
  • Unsecured Wi-Fi Network: Most of us are unaware of the danger of using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Lack of security on public networks poses a great opportunity for cybercriminals to intercept confidential log-in details from connected computers.
  • Insecure Password: This is one of the major opportunities for cyber attackers to unleash attacks on the IT infrastructure of an organization. Easy and simple passwords can be easily hacked and cause data theft.

What are the Preventive Actions Against Cyber Attacks?

If we become cautious and aware of cyber hygiene, we can easily avert cyber security incidents or attacks. We, the people, are the base in an organization or institution to cut the link which cybercriminals are continuously trying to build for unethical intentions. Therefore, we need to follow some actions in regards to the prevention of cyber attacks.

  • Train and educate the people in your organisation on cyber hygiene
  • Set up a policy for the best email practices in your business
  • Apply periodic and complicated passwords for system access
  • Enable multi-factor authentication to secure confidential database
  • Never share your personal details on public Wi-Fi and social media platform
  • Update your system software and applications with the latest security patch on a regular basis
  • Install firewall for your internet connection
  • Get ThreatCop to conduct cyber security awareness training for employees

How to Assess Real-time Threat Posture and Reduce Cyber Risks in Your Organization?

ThreatCop is a powerful tool that provides a complete solution for all cyber security needs of your organization. The tool entails all the features including real-time assessment of the security threat posture of your organization and helps reduce cyber risks. Below we have discussed the features of ThreatCop:

Employees Focused Attack Vectors: ThreatCop focuses on all the attack vectors that can affect the employees of your organization. The tool conducts:

  1. Unlimited number of simulated attack campaigns
  2. Automated training campaigns on different types of attacks amongst employees
  3. Periodic assessment of employee awareness

Real-time Access to Dashboard: ThreatCop helps in assessing the employees’ understanding of attack vectors and cyber threats after simulated attack campaigns and allows you real-time access to dashboard. The tool also conducts:

  1. Real-time tracking of results of employee assessment with user analytics and metrics
  2. Tracking overall health attack vector

Overall Threat Analysis: The tool represents an overall threat analysis of your organization including analysis after a cyber security awareness program and employees’ knowledge assessment. ThreatCop conducts the following in this feature:

  1. The tool replicates all types of cyber attacks for getting the most accurate risk posture of your organization
  2. It maintains employee behavioral profile through their response towards email and knowledge imparting sessions to observe their overall progress in the training campaign
  3. ThreatCop also provides recent statistics of the threat level in your industry through our real-time dashboard




Threatcop is a cybersecurity company that provides security solutions to businesses to protect them against email-based attacks and social engineering attacks.

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Threatcop is a cybersecurity company that provides security solutions to businesses to protect them against email-based attacks and social engineering attacks.

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