Widespread Ransomware Attack Targets Stanford University and University of California

Cyber Attacks Targeting Educational Institutions: A Rising Trend

  1. 35 of these institutions admitted to suffering a ransomware attack in the preceding five years
  2. 25 institutions said they had not been attacked
  3. 43 institutions refused to answer

What Makes the Education Sector a Lucrative Target for Cyber Criminals

Defending Against Cyber Attacks

  • Employee and Student Awareness
    Awareness often gets neglected when we think of cyber security awareness. But it often proves to be the basic foundational defense mechanism against cyber threats. For awareness of their employees and students, cyber security teams in educational institutions can use security awareness training tools like ThreatCop. ThreatCop uses simulation campaigns and a huge library of awareness content for imparting the users with the right and updated knowledge of cyber security.
  • Strong Password Policy
    Cyber security teams should make sure that everyone in their institution is using strong, difficult-to-guess passwords. A strong password reduces the chances of a breach or successful cyber attack by a great margin.
  • Using Multi-Factor Authentication
    Multi-Factor Authentication is necessary as it adds an extra layer of protection for your data. For this, SMS/Email Token Authentication can be implemented which uses One Time Password (OTP) for authentication. MFA, therefore, gives the user a second chance to protect their data after they have mistakenly given away their access credentials to a spoofed email or a spoofed website.
  • Phishing Incident Response Tools
    Phishing Incident Response Tools enable quick detection and response to a phishing attack. It has become more important now. A statistic from Dark Reading says that 91% of cyber attacks start with an email attack. Threat Alert Button (TAB) is one such phishing incident response tool.
  • Offline Data Backup
    Offline data backup becomes a savior especially in case of a ransomware attack. It can help in raising your threshold for paying a ransom to malicious actors for regaining access to your information. It is a smart tactic to back your data up in offline locations. Offline data backup can eventually make a huge difference in saving precious money for your organization.




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